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Good News│Congratulations to our students for winning the letter essay in "Giving Motherland, Mother of Aria"

Time: 2019-06-28 17:39 Source: unknown Author: Quanzhou North Pei Wen click: Times


Xiaohao class 801 of our school

Won the first prize of "Sacrifice to Motherland, Mother of Aria"

Supervisor: Lin Yizhen

Recently, the theme essay selection activity of "Writing a Letter to Mom" was jointly announced by the Quangang District Women's Federation, the District Cultural Federation, the District Writers Association, and the China Life Insurance Quangang District Branch. The composition "Beautiful Photo, Light, and White Hair in Green Silk" written by the classmates won the first prize in the "Sacrifice to the Motherland, Mother of Aria" correspondence essay.

The achievement of outstanding results is inseparable from the students' own efforts, and it is the result of our school's good learning atmosphere and the teaching of teachers based on their aptitude. Our school has always insisted on comprehensive quality education, making reading and writing a compulsory course, and has organized a series of activities such as reading festival activities, composition contests, calligraphy contests, and art performances to greatly enrich the campus life of students and improve the students' Humanistic literacy, aesthetic ability and writing level, meanwhile, students who love literature have a platform to express themselves.

The complete list of winners of the student group for this competition is attached below

Appreciation of students' award-winning works

"Beautiful Photo, Light, and White Hair in Green Silk"

Dear Mom:

Good letter! Mom, time flies, and I look back. You gave me life and protected me from growing up. Mother's Day is here. I want to express my gratitude to you as a gift for you. Would you like it?

That bruised photo

Touching the bruise on my face, slowly opening the door, I felt that my hands were wet, and I swallowed, and sure enough, I saw you sitting on the sofa, and I stiffened my head, waiting for your anger, but Unexpectedly, I found a tear-stained face with a loving, pitying, and crowded smile on it, but there was no anger! "The teacher told me all right, okay?" I froze and choked suddenly: "I, I was wrong!" You shook your head without saying a word, and I clearly saw your eyes shining with relief. . Tears covered my eyes, and my eyes were blurred. You touched my scar, wiped my tears, but pulled out your phone and showed me: "Look, crying is not handsome! Come and laugh!" That photo: Mother's eyes were red and swollen, smiling tightly Embracing his son, his eyes were warm and loving, and a cheeky, embarrassed boy with a bruised cheek in his arms. Later, you talked a lot, but vaguely I only remember a murmur: "Do you know, your life is more important than your mother's life!" But it made my tears come to my feet, and I resolved to say to myself, I like mom's smile, I don't like your tears, no matter what form!

Mother! You are lotus leaves, and I am Honglian. The raindrops in my heart are coming. Except for you, who is my concealment under the open sky.

The lamp of dreams

The lights in the distance were dotted with stars, carrying heavy schoolbags, taking tired steps, walking on the empty road with boundless tangs, and the street lights continuously stretched and shortened my shadow. The cold wind in early spring, like a sharp ice skate, stung my cheek, looked up into the distance, and my heart was still warm—the lamp was on. "Returned?" The only thing that answered you was the slamming door knock, and the bag was thrown on the sofa forcefully. "What's the matter, didn't you pass the test?" You have guessed a few minutes with warm milk. "Well--" I answered in a low, depressed voice. The results obtained after a long period of hard work are unsatisfactory. I am gradually confused, and I feel that I have lost the way forward. At this moment, my mother took my finger to the bright LED light and said earnestly: "The lamp can not only bring light, but more importantly, it can guide us, son, for our own dreams, Please stick to the lamp in your heart and go straight in the direction of it. "

My mother's words made me suddenly sober, and lit the dream lamp in my heart. Mother! You are like this fiery flame, burning your life, but you have been silently dedicating to me.

Gray hair in blue silk

Mom, last year, your child seemed to be pulling me like a leap and said, "Today is Mother's Day, you must show filial piety!" On this basis, I insisted that I go out with you to climb the mountain. The mountain road is potholes, and after many twists and turns, sweating, and finally to the top of the mountain. The distant peaks are full of vitality, the mountains are undulating, wearing green coats, the breeze is mixed with the fragrance of early spring soil and flowers, and taking a deep breath, I have changed from the first helplessness to the last appreciation! In the breeze, your long hair seems to be animated, beating in the wind. Inadvertently, I saw that your long black hair was mixed with white hair, which was so dazzling under the reflection of the sun, and the wrinkles had slowly climbed to your once young and beautiful face, and Every wrinkle seemed to be filled with the labor and care for me. Looking at my mother's thin and slightly emaciated figure, my eyes were astringent and damp. Those strands of wrinkles, the white hair hidden in the green silk, these are the traces left by the mother you have gone through, and even the scars I have carved for your youth for a long time, so dazzling, so alert me .

"There is one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and that's the mother's call." Mother, tell you secretly, you don't have to speak carefully to me, because now I like you more and more, always thinking of me! I can already feel the tenderness in your snoring!

"Who speaks carelessly and reports San Chunhui." It was Meng Jiao's touch on mother love; "Acacia, love or not, who springs for the sky" is Nalan Xingde's understanding of mother love, crows feed back, lambs kneel, Animal's return to mother; and "beautiful photos, lights, and white hair in green silk" is my understanding of the tenderness and love of mothers! Mother, on this special day, I want to thank you again, take good care of me, and walk through my ignorant childhood, annoying attachment period, frivolous rebellion!

I wish: good health!

Always beautiful and youthful!

Love Your Son: Xiao Hao

May 12, 2019

Supervisor: Lin Yizhen

(Responsible editor: Peking University, Quanzhou)
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